Change Management Advisory, Executive Coaching and Leader Succession Solutions


Guiding Business Owners and Non-Profit Boards 

to Conquer Change with Confidence.


Guiding Business Owners and Non-Profit Boards 

to Conquer Change with Confidence.

Martius Group helps business and non-profit leaders handle hard transitions including organizational turnaround and restructuring, board and executive turnover and succession, and owner transfer and exit.

Our clients are founders, managing partners, CEOs, and board chairs who value our peer change management expertise and insight as former directors, CEOs and owners who understand their roles, dreams and challenges.

change management Solutions

Energize Purpose

We produce an in-depth strategic, financial and cultural assessment of your organization's performance and potential, and facilitate a planning process that helps leaders see, understand, prioritize and focus resources to drive right results. 

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Engage People

We deliver custom training and confidential coaching on role specific situational leadership and communication that improves the capacity of board and executive leaders to discuss, debate, collaborate, influence, and maintain focus on advancing strategic priorities.

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Enable Performance

We guide clients in developing and executing effective board and executive succession plans, and provide experienced interim CEO services, to stabilize climate and sustain performance during an unexpected or extended leader transition.

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the CEO Commons™

A community of solutions for Business Owners and Chief Executives

Whether you are an owner/operator or retained CEO, you will encounter unfamiliar, unexpected, and even critical challenges.

  • After founding and forming the business on distinct skills you may feel unprepared, unsure and limited by new conditions and situations.
  • In a rapidly growing and increasingly complex enterprise you may be stretched managing performance and maintaining culture.
  • If your success as attorney, CPA, engineer, technician or other professional has led you to directly manage the firm you may struggle to engage, align and oversee performance with partners, former co-workers and younger team members while addressing issues outside your skill set and past experience.
  • If you work with a governing board or equity owners unable or unwilling to support your vision of growth and refocus, you might feel frustrated and alone in engaging their commitment, cooperation and contribution.
  • You may worry whether the next generation of leaders and owners is ready to run the business, or if future ownership is identified and in process of preparing for your cutback or complete exit when the time is right.

The CEO Commons collects and applies real world owner and CEO approaches that help you see, understand, plan, and act on a purposeful pathway to business success.

“Joe came 100% prepared about our internationally known museum and library, and immediately understood our situation. He quickly, candidly and productively engaged staff and board members, and revealed our need to address strategic issues so we could move forward. Joe is a trusted advisor, coach and friend to me as director. He has helped us find our direction."

"Your skillful, insightful work facilitating our strategic retreat, and advising me as CEO, enabled our board and staff to craft a clear committed future vision and practical plan. Your expertise, enthusiasm and energy created an open, engaging forum that motivated us all to work together achieving new goals."

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the board commons™

A community of solutions for board chairs and officers

Serving as the chair or officer of a governance board is both a rewarding and difficult role with specific fiduciary and leadership responsibilities that are quite different from the career roles and experiences that likely led you to this service.

  • You may have previously served as an at-large board member, and now find yourself  struggling to influence, facilitate and focus agendas and actions while maintaining balanced objectivity with former peers who have differing values, opinions and backgrounds.
  • If you are new to board service, or new to this particular board, you may find that applying strategies and tactics from your career work, is inappropriate, ineffective or even in conflict with this organization’s culture and your volunteer duties.
  • Directing, overseeing and appraising the performance of a chief executive, who may be an established and even well liked employee with fixed views and behaviors, might create anxiety, discord and even direct conflict that you must confront and overcome as the by-laws prescribed supervisor.

The Board Commons delivers seasoned governance board service insight with both business non-profit corporation executive know-how to help you anticipate, assess and act effectively in the best interests of your organization.    

“As Board President of a complex club, I hired Martius Group to conduct a full assessment including catering, dining and membership. Joe is exceptionally observant and thorough, refreshingly candid, relentless in his pursuit of facts and exceedingly professional in presenting his results. I recommend Martius Group without hesitation to anyone seeking guidance in assessing their organization’s current state or requiring assistance in crafting a strategic plan forward.”

"Our future was at risk until Joe and Martius Group helped us understand and act on critical changes to run our organization better and attract profitable business. Our board is making hard decisions with Joe’s candid, caring guidance.”

“Joe has been a trusted advisor and coach to our school board and executives for years. He provides board succession, training and coaching support, and facilitates strategic planning that is well-prepared, insightful and instrumental in helping us address tough questions and reach consensus. As Board President I have found Joe's professional input and expert advice particularly invaluable in helping me navigate critical challenges.”

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