Change Management and Succession Solutions That Make Sense

Martius Group partners with founding entrepreneurs, principal owners and corporate boards who want help facing and handling hard transitions including business expansion and turnaround, ownership transfer or exit, and leadership succession.  

Our peer advice and coaching support helps leaders resolve or sidestep today’s pivotal problems while strengthening the organization’s clarity and capacity to adapt, achieve and accelerate positive change results. 

You keep control, boost and protect value, and get past tough transitions on your terms. 






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A Martius solutions community for Business Owners and ceos

The CEO Commons™ offers real world executive insight and ideas in an exclusive community designed to help entrepreneurial founders, principal owners and chief executives adapt, achieve and accelerate business results on their terms.

Get help handling challenges like these:

  • After building the business you now feel unprepared, unsure and trapped by its changing demands
  • Growth and complexity are stretching your will and skill to manage and maintain results
  • You worry if the next generation will be ready to lead before you cut back or exit
  • You became principal and now struggle overseeing former peers and team members
  • Your business depends on a few customers that contribute uncertain or diminishing value
  • You lack strong management and staff support, typing you to routine work you cannot delegate 
  • A lack of board, investor and partner support for your vision leaves you frustrated and feeling alone
  • You have not prepared yourself or the business for an inevitable exit, placing both futures at risk
  • Market changes that affect work culture, brand perception, and margin growth threaten profitability, security and sustainability

“Joe came 100% prepared about our organization and immediately understood our situation. He quickly, candidly and productively engaged staff and board members, and revealed our need to address strategic issues so we could move forward. Joe is a trusted advisor, coach and friend to me as CEO. He has helped us find our direction."

"Your skillful, insightful work facilitating our strategic retreat, and advising me as CEO, enabled our board and staff to craft a clear committed future vision and practical plan. Your expertise, enthusiasm and energy created an open, engaging forum that motivated us all to work together achieving new goals."


A martius solutions community for board chairs and directors

The Board Commons™ offers practical board governance and leadership advice, training and coaching to help corporate officers and directors anticipate, assess and act in the best interests of the organization.    

Get support serving in a unique and fiduciary role unlike any in your working career:

  • After moving from at-large director to chairperson role you struggle facilitating agendas, focusing actions and staying objective with former peers who have contrary values and views
  • You are new to board leadership, and are finding your career-tested strategies and tactics are inappropriate, ineffective or in conflict with the culture and role
  • Your responsibility for directing, overseeing and appraising the chief executive, who may be established and well regarded, is now a cause for anxiety, discord and even direct conflict that must be overcome
  • Board turnover and unplanned succession have you dealing with a disengaged, inexperienced or ineffective board, leaving you feeling alone and trapped in a leader role longer that you wish
  • You worry that being unfamiliar with or unsure of best board governance practices for recruiting directors, setting strategic direction, dealing with dysfunction, balancing board and staff relations, and complying with fiduciary roles and duties could cause future risk  

“As Board President of a complex member club, I hired Martius Group to conduct a full assessment. Joe is exceptionally observant and thorough, refreshingly candid, relentless in his pursuit of facts and exceedingly professional in presenting his results. I recommend Martius Group without hesitation to anyone seeking guidance in assessing their organization’s current state or requiring assistance in crafting a strategic plan forward.”

"Our future was at risk until Joe and Martius Group helped us understand and act on critical changes to run our organization better and attract profitable business. Our board is making hard decisions with Joe’s candid, caring guidance.”

“Joe has been a trusted advisor and coach to our school board and executives for years. He provides board succession, training and coaching support, and facilitates strategic planning that is well-prepared, insightful and instrumental in helping us address tough questions and reach consensus. As Board President I have found Joe's professional input and expert advice particularly invaluable in helping me navigate critical challenges.”

Prepare leaders to REPRESENT your Value

Every organization has a value story. Unfortunately, many leaders know their business yet miss or avoid opportunities to effectively create and share a story that informs, inspires and moves others to follow. Give your leaders the confidence and capacity to present a compelling, clear and credible message with presence and power using the Martius Speaker System™.