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Purpose and Values

Martius Group is inspired by ancient Rome’s Campus Martius, a gathering commons for influential leaders through thousands of years. Martius in Latin also stands for March, a time for fresh focus and annual renewal. 

Martius Group brings fresh ideas, insights and approaches to focus and renew today's leaders. We understand the pains and desires of business owners and boards first hand, and use that know-how to help our clients manage change to build value. 

Our core values matter to the way we work

Integrity - We strive to always do the right things, placing people first and strategy second. 

Connection – We believe in engaging relationships on purpose to facilitate performance. 

Wisdom - We share insight from decades of experience and practice leading, coaching and encouraging results. 

Initiative - We believe dreams are the engines that inspire extraordinary possibilities to become realities. 

Achievement - We focus on developing and applying talent with persistent practice to produce value. 

Joseph Marzano
President and CEO, Martius Group LLC, transition and succession expert


Joseph Marzano

President & CEO  

Our company was founded by a nationally recognized expert on corporate governance, change management, and leadership development. Joe brings nearly four decades of success leading and advising business and not-for-profit organizations including as a college president, chief executive officer, and a senior executive at companies like Time Inc. and American Express. Joe has advised and coached hundreds of board members and corporate executives, and delivered popular keynote presentations across the U.S. He has served as board officer and director for over a dozen corporations. 



Tomorrow's business success depends on today’s workforce, and Millennial workers now make up over half of all workers. 

Martius Group knows what matters to workers and uses that knowledge to help our clients plan and act:

  • “Guide Us” – We provide expert outcome-focused peer level board and executive support so leaders make better decisions.
  • “Include Us” – We work as committed, informed strategic partners with respect, trust, accountability and commitment to advancing client goals.
  • “Mentor Us” – We share unique expertise and insight from across corporate sectors, stages and situations to foster client capacity to anticipate, adapt and act.

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“Each program that Martius Group produced and facilitated for us was well planned, delivered with professionalism, enthusiastically enjoyed by participants, and uniquely designed to meet our goals.We value having Martius Group deliver out of the box experiences our constituents appreciate.”

"Joe designed our entire leadership training series and delivered a quality program. The sessions Joe presented were lively, entertaining and educational, and the feedback is uniformly positive.”

"Joe's thoughtful and tactful leadership and facilitation of our board and senior staff planning retreat helped a group with divergent opinions coalesce around and focus on urgent and previously underappreciated priorities. Our organization gained considerably from our work with Joe."

“Serving as interim President for several of our corporation’s business entities after abrupt executive exits, Joe uniquely stood out for his leadership acumen and ability to collaborate. He commands attention while exhibiting the humanity that engenders people to follow him.” 

"Joe was hired to coach the CEO of our charter school, develop our governance board with training and succession planning, and guide strategic planning. The relationship was so successful our contract with Martius Group has has been extended for a third year. Joe has been impartial and discrete, and has fully gained the trust of the board and school leadership. He is an invaluable resource for the institution.”

"Joe has a knack for seeing and suggesting innovative ways to enhance our business, that we missed or misunderstood."

“Joe was a skillful speaker to our large audience. Evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and participants were impressed with his content and delivery. We will partner again with Joe."

"One of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable speakers we've heard!”

"Our conference attendee audience was so engaged by Joe and his topic that they asked us to extend his presentation session another 45 minutes, and Joe willingly obliged!"

"Thank you for your coaching to prepare me for my investor pitch., and helping me deliver it with confidence and conviction. As a business CEO, I consider myself to be very fortunate to have you as my teacher and advisor."