Our Vision and Values

Martius Group was inspired by Ancient Rome’s Campus Martius, where influential leaders have been gathering, connecting, learning and building value for thousands of years. Martius in Latin stands for a fresh start. Martius Group delivers fresh solutions with five values:

Integrity - We do the right thing

Connection – We engage people to act

Wisdom - We apply talent with insight

Initiative - We dare to dream 

Achievement - We perform with care

Joseph Marzano
President and CEO, Martius Group LLC, transition and succession expert

Our Leadership

Joseph Marzano

President & CEO, Martius Group LLC

 Joe is a nationally recognized expert on corporate governance, change management, and leadership development. He brings nearly four decades of success leading and advising business and not-for-profit organizations including as a college president, chief executive officer, and a senior executive at companies like Time Inc. and American Express. 

Joe has advised and coached hundreds of board members and corporate executives across the U.S., and delivered popular keynote presentations and seminar programs to thousands of people. He has served as board officer and director for over a dozen corporations.  


Your Value Promise

Martius Group delivers what clients want most:

“Guide Us” – We provide outcome-focused peer-to-peer board and executive support that is credible, clear and compelling so leaders make better decisions on their terms.

“Involve Us” – We work as committed, well-informed strategic partners who facilitate mutual respect, trust, collaboration and accountability in advancing client goals.

“Mentor Us” – We share uniquely relevant expertise and insight from across corporate sectors, stages and situations to give leaders at all levels confidence and capacity to anticipate, adapt and act on most anything.

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“As Board President of a non-profit club, I hired Joe to conduct a full organizational assessment. Joe is exceptionally observant and thorough, refreshingly candid, relentless in his pursuit of facts and exceedingly professional in the presentation of his final assessment. I would recommend Joe without hesitation to anyone seeking guidance in assessing their organization’s current state or requiring assistance in crafting a strategic plan forward.”

"Our future was at risk until Joe helped us understand and act on critical changes to run our club better and attract profitable business. Our board has faced and is making hard decisions with Joe’s candid, caring guidance.” 

"I have heard many seminar speakers, and I think you are one of the best."

"Joe has a knack for seeing innovative ways to enhance our business."

“Joe has been a trusted advisor and coach to our school board and executive leaders, facilitating strategic planning that was well-prepared, insightful and very instrumental in helping us address tough questions and reach consensus. As Board president I found Joe's professional input and expert advice particularly invaluable in helping me navigate critical challenges. Joe continues to provide board succession, training and other support to our organization.”

“Joe came 100% prepared about us. He quickly, candidly and productively engaged staff and board members, and revealed our need to address strategic issues so we could move forward.”


“Joe uniquely stood out for his leadership acumen and ability to collaborate. He commands attention while exhibiting the humanity that engenders people to follow him.” 

“Joe was a skillful speaker to our large audience. Evaluations were overwhelmingly positive and participants were impressed with his content and delivery. We will partner again with Joe."

"You have a wonderfully energetic and genuine style. You make what is overwhelming begin to feel easy!"

"Joe was hired to coach the CEO of a school and develop the board including succession and strategic planning. The relationship was so successful he has been hired for a third year. Joe has been impartial and discrete, and has fully gained the trust of the board and school leadership. He is an invaluable resource for the institution.”