Change Management and Leader Succession Solutions


Helping Owners and Boards Drive and Protect Value


Helping Owners and Boards Drive and Protect Value

Martius Group provides business advice and executive coaching to help company and non-profit leaders handle hard, unexpected, unfamiliar and even overwhelming change.


Our clients are owners, board chairs and CEOs facing tough transitions including expansion, turnaround, restructuring, succession, turnover, merger, transfer and exit.

We build clarity and capacity to adapt, achieve and accelerate change results. 

Clients value our authentic change management expertise, outcome-focused approach, and relevant peer insight as board directors and chief executives who know their world.    

7-Step Martius Model™ for leading change

Energize Purpose

1. Shape Vision with a 12-Point Business Performance and Potential Assessment

2. Start a Movement with Practical, Results-Focused Strategic Planning

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Engage People

3. Set Mission in Motion by Developing Leadership Will and Skill

4. Show the Way by Coaching  Leaders to Model Shared Values and Actions

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Enable Performance

5. Sidestep Roadblocks by Planning Succession

6. Share Success by Fostering Team Work 

7. Sustain Momentum Deploying an Interim Transition Leader 

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the CEO Commons™

A community for Owners and Chief Executives

Every executive will face change challenges.

  • You built the business but now feel unprepared, unsure and limited by new demands.
  • Growth and complexity are stretching your capacity to manage and maintain results.
  • You worry if the next generation will be ready before you cut back or exit.
  • As leader of a professional services firm you struggle to oversee and influence former peers and team members.
  • The board, investors and partners fail to support your vision leaving you feeling frustrated, misunderstood and alone.
  • You are not prepared for likely leader succession and its impact on future stability and sustainability.

The CEO Commons™ offers real world executive insight and approaches to help you adapt, achieve and accelerate results on your terms.

“Joe came 100% prepared about our organization and immediately understood our situation. He quickly, candidly and productively engaged staff and board members, and revealed our need to address strategic issues so we could move forward. Joe is a trusted advisor, coach and friend to me as CEO. He has helped us find our direction."

"Your skillful, insightful work facilitating our strategic retreat, and advising me as CEO, enabled our board and staff to craft a clear committed future vision and practical plan. Your expertise, enthusiasm and energy created an open, engaging forum that motivated us all to work together achieving new goals."

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the board commons™

A community for board chairs and directors

Serving on a corporate board is a uniquely hard, risk-filled role unlike any in your career.

  • Moving from at-large to chair you may struggle to facilitate agendas, focus actions and stay objective with former peers having contrary values and views.
  • If you are new to board service you may be applying career strategies and tactics that are inappropriate, ineffective or in conflict with the culture and fiduciary role.
  • You may find your responsibility for directing, overseeing and appraising a chief executive who may be an established and liked fixture to be cause for anxiety, discord and even direct conflict that you must confront and overcome.
  • Board turnover and unplanned succession may have you dealing alone with a disengaged, inexperienced or incapable board, and feeling trapped in your leadership role longer that you would like.  

The Board Commons™ delivers practical board governance and leadership advice, training and coaching to help you anticipate, assess and act in the best interests of the organization. 

“As Board President of a complex member club, I hired Martius Group to conduct a full assessment. Joe is exceptionally observant and thorough, refreshingly candid, relentless in his pursuit of facts and exceedingly professional in presenting his results. I recommend Martius Group without hesitation to anyone seeking guidance in assessing their organization’s current state or requiring assistance in crafting a strategic plan forward.”

"Our future was at risk until Joe and Martius Group helped us understand and act on critical changes to run our organization better and attract profitable business. Our board is making hard decisions with Joe’s candid, caring guidance.”

“Joe has been a trusted advisor and coach to our school board and executives for years. He provides board succession, training and coaching support, and facilitates strategic planning that is well-prepared, insightful and instrumental in helping us address tough questions and reach consensus. As Board President I have found Joe's professional input and expert advice particularly invaluable in helping me navigate critical challenges.”

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Prepare to pitch your story

Your organization has value that it’s board and executives need to effectively share. Give them the confidence and capacity to present that value proposition with greater presence and power using the Martius Speaker System™.

Craft a Great Message

Gain investor or stakeholder buy-in, recruit talent, attract customers, handle hostile media, motivate workers and address crisis by creating a clear, compelling brand message that all board and executive leaders know and support. 

Our 3-point Martius Message™ provides a proven, impactful strategy for crafting a story that moves people to actions you want. 

Present Your Story

Inform, inspire, and influence desired change by developing board officer and senior executive communication readiness to deliver an impactful, consistent pitch or presentation to any internal or external audience. 

We provide group training and private coaching using our Martius Speaker System™ built on communication science and extensive research to raise their presence and power in representing your organization. 

Let Us Speak for You

Some stories are best heard and received from outsiders with fresh perspective. Our interactive, engaging addresses and workshops achieve your goals and support your agendas at board and executive retreats, employee meetings, sponsored events, hosted conference sessions and private functions. 

Our popular business and leadership topics include embracing change, managing relationships, leading teams, building a performance culture, pitching a business story, and selecting strategic priorities.