Chess pieces represent how Martius Group helps clients lead people to perform on purpose.

We help you take the lead to transform your future.


Corporate boards, business owners and CEOs all face complex and critical change. Many are doing more with less, feeling overwhelmed and isolated, falling behind technology and market challenges, struggling with workforce issues, and working more hours than anyone while wishing for time to get ahead or wind down. 

Whether you need to prepare for a future transfer or exit, develop or replace board members or key executives, or take on a turnaround, restructuring, or other risky transition, that is where Martius Group can help.

Gain fresh capacity to see where you are, stop chasing change, and start creating value. With Martius Group you will build critical leadership, strategy, finance and market capacity to energize purpose, engage people, and empower performance that drives and sustains business growth and value.


We guide clients to achieve change goals using our 7-Step process:

  1. Shape a vision
  2. Start a movement 
  3. Set mission in motion
  4. Show the way
  5. Sidestep roadblocks
  6. Share success 
  7. Sustain momentum

Tell Us About Your Change Challenge


To take control of change and create your future vision, Martius Group moves you from faith to fact, helping everyone see the same truths of where you are and what you need to get where you want to go. 

  • BUSINESS PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT Evaluate and review strategic, financial, market and leadership performance and potential to sort out the significant, surface quick solutions, uncover critical constraints, and prepare the entire enterprise to stabilize and sustain value. 
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING & RETREAT FACILITATION Engage board members, executive leaders and other key stakeholders in carefully organized and facilitated planning and problem-solving discussions that expose critical gaps, challenge old or obsolete assumptions and habits, set long-term priorities, and produce an accountable, actionable roadmap aligned with vision, values, goals, resources and timetable. 
  • TRANSITION LEADERSHIP SUPPORT  Add clarity and capacity during a board or executive leadership change to identify present and future needs, determine right roles and responsibilities, and execute a plan that adapts to changing circumstances and protects business value.  



Leadership works when people willingly follow, so Martius Group delivers change management tools to help your board and executives engage, inspire, inform and influence people within and around your organization.  

  • GOVERNANCE & LEADERSHIP TRAINING  Bring new board and executive team members on-board faster and more effectively, and give current leaders greater insight into their roles and responsibilities, with customized, interactive peer-level training that increases collective and individual confidence and capacity to contribute. 
  • TEAM BUILDING PROJECTS  Build trust, accountability, commitment and results focus on  leadership teams through innovative and fun food-themed activities designed and facilitated at your location of choice.  
  • RECOGNITION AND REWARD PROGRAMS   Reinforce strategic, cultural and market goals while promoting excellence by sponsoring private interactive culinary experiences with leadership teams, top performers, key clients, and other strategic constituents. If you are hosting a conference or event, ask us about offering culinary tours for attendees!  


Meaningful Team Building Projects

Rewarding Private Tour Programs 

Engage your group with a custom Cooking Commons® culinary experience

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To protect business value before and during leadership concerns, Martius Group provides support to stabilize and sustain a performance culture. 

  • EXECUTIVE COACHING  Build role and situation-specific leader readiness to overcome relationship and execution roadblocks, improve influence and impact, and achieve performance goals through customized, peer-level private coaching and mentoring for board chairs, business owners and chief executives
  • BOARD & EXECUTIVE SUCCESSION  Develop and execute a succession action plan that appraises, seeks, selects, and orients the best board members and leaders to fit your mission, strategic priorities and goals. 
  • INTERIM CEO SUPPORT Turn an abrupt or unexpected leadership departure into a strategic opportunity to stabilize business and culture, evaluate needs and gaps, and maintain performance momentum while identifying and placing your best choice permanent leader. 


Take the lead to achieve your change management goals

“Without changing our patterns of thought we will not be able to solve the problems we created with our current patterns of thought.” (Albert Einstein)

Change is not what happens to us, it is how we think and respond to the world we experience.

At Martius Group, we see change as a strategic opportunity to see and think about the world with fresh eyes and minds, in order to discover fresh ideas and powerful solutions that build and sustain business value.

We contribute our collective multi-sector experiences and wisdom working as peer advisors who act as invested partners to help our clients see the big picture and solve complex situations. Let us tell you how.